Health, Safety, and Environment

As members of the RWE family, the Renewables businesses rally behind RWE’s purpose:

Our energy for a sustainable life. 

It describes why we exist and what drives us forward every day. We are passionate about renewables and the impact we create for the world. We are responsible corporate citizens and have a positive environmental, economic and societal contribution.

Health, Safety and Environmental Excellence the Cornerstone of Sustainable Performance

We believe that long-term, sustainable success can only be reached through people. We create and provide safe and healthy working conditions. We believe that all accidents are preventable and therefore, one accident is one too many.

We are passionate about helping to protect our planet and are committed to support societies globally to meet the United Nations’ two degree target and commit to net zero by 2040.

In short: We care for each other, our assets and the environment wherever we operate, whatever we do.

Our Care Commitments

We live the following commitments and require all colleagues and encourage all business partners to abide by these and act accordingly:

  • Our management visibly demonstrates leadership in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) throughout all our business processes, activities and decisions.
  • We take decisive action to ensure and promote the health and safety of all employees, business partners and neighbours as well as to assure the protection of the environment – no matter where
    we are or what we do. We avoid hazards, reduce risk and continually improve our performance.
  • We devote energy and attention to prevent harm, and to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of employees, business partners and others involved with us along the value chain.
  • We empower and expect our colleagues and business partners to take personal responsibility, role-model HSE and be brave by stopping unsafe work and challenging unsafe conditions.
  • We appreciate and recognize good HSE behaviour and performance, strive to find safer ways of working and take pride in actively sharing good HSE practice.
  • We welcome constructive feedback and challenge on the implementation of our HSE Policy.
  • We take a holistic, life-cycle wide approach to environmental protection aiming at reducing environmental impacts whilst increasing the production, storage and use of green energy.
  • We are committed to ensuring the integrity of our assets to increase clean energy production whilst preventing harm to people and the environment.

We care today, so everyone enjoys tomorrow

We Care

It is increasingly important to have a systematic and consistent approach in place on how to manage Health, Safety and Environment. This helps to protect the environment, creates working conditions in which people can work in a safe and healthy setting, and is not only important from a social perspective but also makes economic sense. Continuously improvement on all these aspects optimizes workflows and helps reducing costs.

Growing levels of work-related illness and lost work time, and the general increase in the pace and complexity of work mean more and more attention is being paid to questions of HSE (health, safety and environment).

Wellbeing of people, environmental protection, workplace safety and healthcare are therefore a top priority for RWE, and are an integral part of our business activities.

RWE is concerned about making the everyday work environment as safe and healthy as possible for our employees – and our business partners and customers, too. It goes without saying that this also includes environmental protection and dealing responsibly with resources e.g. by defining overarching rules and minimum requirements. HSE staff is there to provide advice and assistance on-site.

To deal with growing demands and to plan for the future, RWE has put a central We Care Management System in place. This sets down all kinds of HSE requirements, targets, actions and standards for RWE, to guarantee uniform processes and regulations across all divisions. The system helps all divisions to meet the requirements set down in legislation and normative documents, establish safe standards, and achieve RWE overarching

We Care objectives step by step.

Life Saving Rules

No compromises on safety. Occupational safety describes the core rules, standards and guidelines to achieve safe ways of working. Key risk activities, life saving rules, safe system of work requirements as well as safe driving or travel policy.