Supplier Events


In order to keep all potential supplier constantly informed about the status of our project, we have started a series of technical dialogues with supplier end of 2020. We plan to continue this series and will inform about future events as soon as they are scheduled.

Dialogue with suppliers on 12th of September, 2021 – Sopot/Poland

Detailed information about project packages

The second dialogue with suppliers was held in Sopot on September 12, 2021. The event brought together a huge number of entrepreneurs interested in participating in RWE's supply chain. The meeting was attended by representatives of, among others, the shipbuilding, logistics, maritime services, ports and heavy industry.  The purpose of the second meeting was to familiarize suppliers with the details of the works for each package carried out under the Baltic II OWF project. At the meeting, details for the following OWF project packages were presented: foundations, electrical, turbines, logistics, permitting and decision-making and O&M.

In order to provide the widest possible access to knowledge for potential suppliers, RWE had invited entities to the meeting with which it has worked so far, as well as academic partners who shared their knowledge and experience from their cooperation in implementation of the OWF projects for RWE. These included, among others, representatives of: Maritime University in Gdynia, Maritime University in Szczecin, Warsaw University of Technology, Port of Gdynia, SPIE.

Dialogue with suppliers on 15th of December, 2020 – online

Scope of FEW Baltic II project

The first dialogue with suppliers took place on December 15, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the meeting was held online. Despite this, it brought together 172 participants who had an opportunity in a virtual space to meet and ask questions about the supply chain to RWE representatives.

The purpose of the first meeting was to familiarise suppliers with the scope of the project, the status of the works, the procurement strategy, as well as the health and safety requirements. A key element of the first dialogue with suppliers was to present plans for 2021, which made it possible for suppliers to gain knowledge of upcoming milestones and planned tenders.

An increase in the number of registrants in RWE´s supplier database, as well as inquiries regarding the schedule, scope of future contracts and subsequent dialogues testifies to the great success of the event held by RWE.