Onshore cable route

In the course of developing the concept of the cable line route in May 2021, information and consultation meetings were held in the Słupsk Commune (Krzemienica) and Ustka Commune (Duninowo and Starkowo).

The meetings were undertaken in the form of individual conversations with residents. Everyone was able to get acquainted with the planned route of the cable and had the opportunity to talk to the investor's experts. The investment and the next steps of the administrative procedures were presented, along with the schedule.

Starting in September 2021, RWE representatives began holding individual negotiation meetings with owners of land plots in the course of the cable line's technological belt, with the aim of acquiring land rights.

In November 2023 RWE has received positive environmental decision for F.E.W. Baltic II connection infrastructure. Decision includes a submarine power and onshore cables, an onshore substation and a section of the overhead power line connecting the substation to the SE Krzemienica substation planned by the national transmission grid operator.

It is worth noting that the implemented project is a public purpose investment and is carried out in accordance with the ‘Act of July 24, 2015’ on the preparation and implementation of strategic investments in transmission networks.

The course of the cable line on land is illustrated by the attached map.