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Offshore wind farm development in Poland offers local communities new career opportunities

  • With the development of renewable energy sources, offshore wind farms are becoming a promising solution for sustainable energy production. However, the challenge posed by the shortage of qualified personnel is not only a Polish, but also an international one
  • In search of solutions, RWE and Windhunter Academy launched a retraining programme aimed at creating new job opportunities for local communities.
  • Eight selected fishermen have just completed a three-week training programme that provides them with the basic skills needed to work as wind turbine technicians.

Warsaw, 21.06.2023

The shortage of skilled workers in the renewable energy industry is a major issue. This challenge is only expected to grow in the coming years, highlighting the need for awareness and development pathways for people wishing to switch from other sectors. With this in mind, RWE and Windhunter Academy have taken proactive steps to effectively address this issue today.

Retraining fishermen for the offshore wind industry

The retraining programme is designed to reach a specific group of people, in this case fishermen. By selecting candidates who are ready for change and have the potential to meet the criteria for wind turbine technicians, the programme gives them a chance to start a new career. Participants attend an intensive three-week course at the Windhunter Academy, where they receive comprehensive technical training, practical classes and training in technical English.

The participants themselves stressed that the level of knowledge and skills acquired during the programme will certainly make it easier for them to decide on a change of employment sector and will bring tangible benefits after working in the wind industry. They are optimistic about the future and look forward to finding their first job.

Konrad Rus, participant of the reskilling program: “I believe that the retraining programme offered by RWE and the Windhunter Academy has achieved its objectives. I feel fully prepared for work and new challenges in the wind industry. The training was conducted at the highest level, by professionals who imparted a great deal of knowledge in a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere, treating us as individually as possible.”

Karolina Jastrzębska, CEO of Windhunter Academy: “The objectives of the programme go beyond the completion of the training. The main goal is to present job opportunities and facilitate safe employment in the wind industry, ensuring a successful career transition for each participant.”

Reskilling for a sustainable future

As demand for renewable energy grows, programmes like this initiative are becoming increasingly important. They provide communities with the necessary tools and knowledge for new industries, creating sustainable livelihoods.

Marcin Sowiński, Project Manager at RWE Offshore Development Poland, emphasises the importance of the programme not only in raising awareness of offshore wind energy, but also in providing real opportunities for individuals to link their future to this dynamically developing sector. The programme not only equips participants with practical skills and technical knowledge, but also develops soft skills and teamwork, which are necessary in emergency situations.

The fisherman reskilling programme, run by RWE and Windhunter Academy, is an important step towards developing a skilled workforce for the wind industry in Poland. By offering new career paths in the renewable energy sector, the programme gives individuals the opportunity to contribute to the development of this industry while securing their own professional future. As the global energy landscape shifts towards renewable energy, initiatives such as this play an important role in ensuring a prosperous future.

The skills acquired during the programme have provided the participants with the necessary qualifications to start working on wind turbines in Poland and around the world. Completing the training not only means gaining theory and practice, but above all a real chance of finding a job in the renewable energy industry.