Webinar “Secrets of working in Consenting”

Online event, 15 June 2023

The second webinar organized by RWE took place on 15th of June. This time, our experts shared their experience of working in consenting.

What does the word “consenting” really mean? What does the consent specialist face every day? What kind of education do you need to start working in this area? What is the opportunity to specialize in this specific area?

These and other questions were answered by Tomasz Kreft and Maciej Jaskulski, experts of RWE, who work in consenting on a daily basis.

During the webinar we learned what activities fall within the scope of the work of Consent managers, what are the main stakeholders of the project, who the consent specialists talk with on a daily basis, what are the most important decisions and permits for the offshore wind farm project and the challenges that may arise in this position and how to effectively deal with them.

The knowledge and experience of RWE’s experts was received as a valuable source of knowledge and information for participants interested in working in this area.