RWE Renewables GmbH

Webinar „Certification without secrets”

Online event, 21.12.2022

The first webinar is behind us!

The first webinar, organized by RWE, dedicated to all those interested in working in the offshore wind sector, took place on November 30, 2022.

The topic of the meeting was certification and its secrets.

What is certification and what are its components? What does this process look like in the context of offshore wind farms construction? What are the benefits of certification? Robert Grzegorowski, Project Lead at RWE Offshore Wind Poland, answered these and other questions.

What other issues were raised?

Among others, the subject of accreditation and certification organizations, subsequent steps in the certification process, IEC-based certification, and the current legal status of OWF and set of power output equipment certification in Poland.

Although it was a new formula for us, the feedback, comments, as well as numerous questions showed that it was a good direction, which we will certainly continue.

We cordially invite you to follow our website, where we will post information about future webinars.

We also invite you to share ideas with us regarding further topics which, from your perspective, are worthy of attention and discussion on our RWE "channel".