F.E.W. Baltic II

Webinar „Certification without secrets”

The first webinar, organized by RWE, dedicated to all those interested in working in the offshore wind sector, took place on November 30, 2022.

We have launched our reskilling program for fishermen


The offshore windfarm project F.E.W. Baltic II is located in the Polish part of the Baltic sea on an area of 41 km² at water depths of 30-50 meters and a distance of around 55 km to shore. It is developed by a mixed team of experts from Poland and Germany.

Once constructed F.E.W. Baltic II will deliver 350 MW and supply 350,000 households with sustainable renewable energy. Site investigations have been successfully finalized. Both the geophysical and the geotechnical survey have been executed by local Polish contractors.

F.E.W. Baltic II is qualified for the first phase of offshore wind projects in Poland and is thus likely to be one of the first projects to go into the construction and subsequent operation phases.

The F.E.W. Baltic II project is part of the continued expansion of our renewables portfolio in Poland, one of our core markets in Europe. We have already gained considerable experience and operate about a dozen onshore wind farms here with a total capacity of approximately 390 MW. And we aim to develop and build several Offshore Projects until the end of the decade.


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