Raising awareness about offshore wind energy during the Days of the Sea in Ustka

Ustka, 8 July 2023

On July 8, RWE was present in Ustka during the Days of the Sea. It was not only a fantastic event, but also a great opportunity to raise awareness about offshore wind energy among the local community, as well as tourists who visited RWE’s stand.

During the event, thanks to a variety of activities for children, RWE educated the youngest about ecological and sustainable approach to energy generation. Through fun and interactive activities, children could better understand the benefits of using renewable energy.

For RWE as a Partner, the event was an extraordinary opportunity to pass on knowledge about renewable energy sources and to engage in the life of the local community. A mini photovoltaic panel, a virtual reality system and a scale model of an offshore wind farm provided all interested visitors with practical experience related to renewable energy. Thanks to coloring books and DIY activities, the youngest ones were able to spend their free time creatively. 

Besides conducting workshops for children, RWE team inspired participants to actively work to protect the environment and promote green energy sources. It was an excellent way to promote offshore wind energy and support the sustainable development of the coastal region.

The Days of the Sea in Ustka certainly contributed to raising public awareness about energy related issues and encouraged active engagement in ecology and nature conservation activities. We are glad to have been a part of this event.