Education on offshore wind energy during the Columbus Wind Festival in Ustka

Ustka, 23 July 2022

Cooperation with the local community is one of our priorities. In June 2022, at the invitation of the City of Ustka, we participated in the local Columbus Wind Festival. Residents and tourists visiting the RWE stall had the opportunity to obtain information on the implementation of the F.E.W. Baltic II Offshore Wind Farm project, the impact of offshore wind energy on the Polish power system and the changes that will take place in the city in relation to the construction of an O&M base (maintenance base) in the port of Ustka, supporting the operation of our offshore wind farm.

Throughout the day, children and youngsters had the opportunity to take part in contests as part of which numerous in-kind prizes were awarded. Except the provision of ongoing information on the F.E.W. Baltic II project, the Company's team conducted educational workshops on renewable energy sources using two wind farm models and VR (virtual reality) visualization. Through the use of virtual reality, the workshop participants were able to see a visualization of an offshore wind farm and take a virtual tour of a wind turbine structure.

With the aim for a responsible approach to the implementation of projects, we want to continually develop and educate the community and youth who will have contact with the F.E.W. Baltic II project on a daily basis over the next few years.